Buying a home is a rewarding adventure but it may take a little work and patients.
1st step – making the decision to purchase a home
2nd step – visit with a lender to determine the price of the home that fits your budget
3rd step – make a list of the criteria that is important to you as you search for a home that suits
your desires and needs
4th step – start your search for a home online that matches your desires and needs
5th step -select an agent you trust, an agent who is there for you and has your best interest in
6th step – visit the homes that interest you. Keep an open mind when viewing these homes
7th step – be prepared to negotiate your offer. Unless your offer is a full price offer, the seller
may not like your offer and will come back with a counteroffer
8th step – It is always a good idea to have a home inspection. A home inspector goes through
the home both inside and outside. They are working for you and will point out
current issues or things to prepare for in the future
9th step – the lender will order an appraisal on the home. The purpose of an appraisal is to
assure the lender they are not lending more on the home than they can recover
should something unforeseen happen and you default on the mortgage
10th step – the lender will order title work on the home to make sure there are no unpaid
Liens for seller or buyer
11th step – one of the last steps is to close on the home at the title company. Once you have
signed all the papers required to close, usually you will receive a key to your new
12th step – it is now time for you to move into your new home and enjoy owning your own